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Yoga Therapy

What is yoga therapy?

The word “yoga” essentially means, “that which brings you to reality”. Yoga therapy at the Treatment Room Newport uses yoga style postures, breathing, meditation, and guided imagery to aid the development of your physical and mental health.

Yoga Therapy aims to bring ease strength and fluidity to daily life. We’ll work in softness, connection and natural movement, working to find harmony inside to create harmony outside.

Our Therapeutic Yoga can help break through stress and tension in your body & mind, by activating your body’s Relaxation Response– a chemical cascade responsible for overall health, healing, and well-being. First by breathing deep, second by matching your breath and body together, and third by learning to move your whole body in harmony with itself. We believe our best way to get where we want is by feeling good every step along the way – this creates something quite different. We’re able to release stress and tension, approach challenge in an easygoing way, and create an internal chemistry that’s optimal for sustained health and performance. We can activate our own Relaxation Response response by breathing deep, moving gently, and exploring where we are, rather than forcing to be somewhere else.

Who can take part?

With a well crafted and suitable yoga practice anyone and everyone can take part in yoga therapy regardless of your age or fitness levels. Whether you are recovering from illness or injury or simply looking to improve mobility or energy.

Here at the Treatment Room Newport we have specially trained yoga teacher who can help you.


  • Aid recovery from illness and injury.
  • Help reduce anxiety or stress.
  • Improve back and spine health.
  • Reducing stiffness and increase mobility.
  • Develop fitness
  • Pregnancy and post-natal recovery.
  • Establish a practice of meditation.
  • Individual development.

Our Private Yoga Sessions:

1) One-to-one lessons

One-to-one classes that develop your own personal yoga practice. They are bespoke to your interests and needs and fit your schedule to suit. They develop your progress at the pace that is ideal for you.

2) Small private group lessons

We can offer custom times and develop classes to suit your needs and interests. Classes are scheduled in between our timetabled classes

3) Yoga therapy for health

One-to-one sessions where yoga is carefully adapted and taught to suit your health needs and interests. A wide range of health issues can be helped through yoga therapy with careful and safe application. Home practice is usually required in between sessions. We can also work in conjunction with other therapies or physio that you might be undertaking to enhance your overall well-being.

Please visit our contact page for any further information regarding booking, prices, location and parking options.


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