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RJO Merger - Important News

by Ross Oakley / Saturday, July 07, 2018 / Published in RJO Massage Therapy Blog

The RJO Merger

We are excited to announce a change to the RJO brand. As many of you already know we also operate the Treatment Room in Newport.

Over the next few weeks RJO Massage Therapy will be merging with the Treatment Room so the 2️⃣ companies will become 1️⃣

That means we we will be making changes to websites, social media and saying goodbye to the RJO name and logo , but rest assured, none of our brand values, staff or treatments will change

We know that our amazing clients will support us in this move but if you have any questions please email us or ask at your next treatment: info@treatmentroomnewport.

We thank RJO for building this amazing reputation over the last 5 years but we are now looking forward to carrying on as The Treatment Room

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