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Sports Massage Therapy Cardiff

Sports Massage Therapy Cardiff

What is Sports Massage Therapy?

Sports Massage Therapy is a corrective massage that uses a variety of massage techniques to help release the deep tissues, to manipulate the soft tissues and to aid myofasial release.

The massage techniques used by our Cardiff Sports Massage Therapists have been developed to ensure that we achieve the best possible outcomes from each and every sports massage that we administer. 

We are Members of the Association for Soft Tissue Therapists and we will be able to identify anyone for whom sports massage therapy would not be recommended or potentially harmful to their short or long-term well being.  Our Cardiff based Sports Massage Therapists will assess each individual and provide the appropriate massage techniques or advise on alternative action if required.

What are the benefits of Sports Massage Therapy?

In order to gain a benefit from sports massage, you do not need to be a professional athlete. Based on our experience and expert knowledge, a broad range of clients from all walks of life use Sports Massage Therapy and in fact to benefit from Sports Massage Therapy it does not matter if you exercise socially or compete at an international level – Sports Massage could have benefits for you.

Some benefits of Sports Massage Therapy include:

  • Improved circulation and Lymphatic flow
  • Increased or decreased muscle tone and length – Depending on your needs
  • Long lasting sense of relief and better quality of life.

What are the benefits of Sports Massage prior to an event?

Sports Massage, when used during training and immediately prior to exercise or an event - usually within 24 hours period, can:

  • Increase blood flow to the muscles and soft tissues in the body
  • Increase oxygen delivery in preparation for exercise
  • Loosen tense and short muscle tissue
  • Increase the elasticity of over worked hard tissues
  • Stretch muscles in a multiple ways, stretching the fibres and connective tissue that surrounds the muscles thus reducing pain and tension.
  • Help decrease the recovery time between training sessions, especially for long distance runners.

Sports Massage can also have a positive psychological effect and depending on the techniques used can invigorate the body and mind. 

It can increase awareness and muscle tone and can have a soothing effect on the body, which can reduce anxiety before a specific event.

James // Triathlete & marathon runner
I felt a large strain in my back on the day I was supposed to be leaving on holiday. I contacted RJO Massage Therapy for an appointment and he turned up an hour later! Highly recommend to anyone and I'm very grateful for the response shown.

What are the benefits of Sports Massage after an event?

It is hugely beneficial to receive a Sports Massage at the earliest opportunity after an event. The sooner it takes place the swifter the recovery rate. You will also benefit from a reduction of muscle soreness, which can be faced up to several days after the event.

When Sports Massage Therapy is used after an event it can:

  • Relieve tense, stiff and restricted muscle tissues.
  • Increase blood circulation thus bringing more oxygen and nutrients into the muscles to help to reduce muscle fatigue and soreness.
  • Promote swift removal of toxins and waste products from the muscle.
  • Help to return the body to a pre – event state , speeding  up recovery and helping to ensure better performance in the future .

When should you have a Sports Massage?

The majority of individuals find that booking a massage session on one of their lighter training days can be more beneficial. It enables the Cardiff Sports Massage Experts to treat any specific muscular tightness, using some of the best sports massage techniques, allowing a day or two for recovery prior to the prolonged training session.

Some individuals may prefer to book their massage following their prolonged training session which allows them to maximise their training performance during the week.

The best idea is for you to speak to one of our massage therapists in Cardiff, so that they can discuss what would work best for you, taking into account your individual needs, specific requirements and personal circumstances.

Our Cardiff based team of sports massage experts are waiting to answer any further questions that you may have. Please call RJO Massage Therapy today on: 07983 400 803. Alternatively, please send us an enquiry via the form on our contact us page.