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Prenatal Massage Therapy Cardiff

Prenatal Massage Therapy

What is Prenatal Massage Therapy?

Prenatal massage also known as pregnancy massage or is specifically tailored to relieve the stress and strain, aches and pains that many expectant mothers will experience during their pregnancy.

What are the benefits of Prenatal Massage Therapy?

Booking a prenatal massage with our prenatal massage specialists in Cardiff can have varying benefits depending on the stage of your pregnancy.

Benefits of having a pregnancy massage in the first 0-13 weeks:

  • Relief from tension headaches
  • Relief from sickness and nausea (using acupressure points)
  • Reduces adrenaline, helping with stress and anxiety

Benefits of having a pregnancy massage 14-28 weeks into your pregnancy:

  • Reduces muscle tension in the back and hips
  • Relief from sciatica symptoms
  • Improves lymph flow helping with swelling in the feet, ankles and hands

Benefits of having a pregnancy massage at 14-28 weeks:

  • Reduces muscle tension in the back and hips
  • Relieves symptoms of ‘restless legs’
  • Reduces adrenaline, can help promote a better night’s sleep
  • Improves lymph flow helping with swelling in the feet, ankles and hands
  • Use of acupressure points to help ripen the cervix and induce labour (36-40 weeks)

What can I expect during Prenatal Massage Therapy session?

Our Cardiff pregnancy massage experts will ask you to lie on your side with plenty of pillows or cushions for support. The massage addresses the neck, arms, hands, back, hips, pelvis, legs & feet.

Anita // 8 Months Pregnant
I'm expecting my first child in a couple of weeks and although pregnancy has been a great experience, the back pain hasn't. I tried some mum-to-be massages but none of them were actual massages but skin treatment. Ross has achieved in 30 minutes what no one else has in 1.5 hours. Thanks Ross!

Why should I consider having a prenatal massage?

Studies have shown that mothers who receive massage during pregnancy are more likely to give their babies massages, thereby nurturing their bond & promoting the child's development. Babies born from less-stressed mothers are calmer, less fussy & perform better on infant development.

How do I book an appointment for a prenatal massage?

Our Cardiff based team of pregnancy massage therapists are waiting to answer any further questions that you may have. Please call RJO Massage Therapy today on: 07983 400 803. Alternatively, please send us an enquiry via the form on our contact us page.